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Caine Warehousing strives in all ways to make storage in our facilities as seamless as if your product was located in your own buildings, but without the headaches of operating in-house warehousing, and at a lower cost. When you call Caine Warehousing be prepared to talk to a person, not a computer, and our office staff, led by Joan Caine, will deal with you in a seasoned and experienced manner. We employ a state of the art Warehouse Management system that allows precise tracking of all inventory, and we can also utilize Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) to transmit orders and receipts.
Our WMS system is very flexible, allowing us to track and inventory your products by many different means, including lot numbers, PO numbers, expiration dates, manufacture date and countless others. Caine Warehousing will also offer real time inventory tracking by its customers through log-in to our web server, allowing instant visibility of inventories 24/7/365. This service is due to be activated on our website very soon. Of course, a snapshot inventory can be requested any time.
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