Certifications / CME Approval

Caine Warehousing knows the importance of Food Safety and Food Defense and has taken the time and resources needed to create and practice robust quality systems that provide piece of mind and confidence for our customers to know their products are in good hands.

Quality Management Systems In Place

Caine Warehousing is a Food Grade facility and, as such, it’s facilities are built and maintained to food grade standards. We maintain a robust Quality Management System underpinned with:

Food Defense Plan that is constantly tested and refined

HACCP Plan covering our operations

Integrated Pest Management and Sanitation plans that meet and exceed food grade standards.

Ongoing Employee Training on GMPs, Sanitary standards, Food Safety and Food Defense, HACCP concepts, and the entire QMS plan as a whole.

Product Recall Plan that is tested regularly.

FSMA Trained and Prepared

As safe transport of food products is one of the foundations of the FDA, Food Safety Modernization Act, Caine Warehousing employees are trained in inspection and the cleanliness standards required of carriers and insure, to the best of our ability, that your product is secure and only loaded on clean, sanitary, suitable equipment. If wash/sanitizing of trailers is required, there are several options close to our facilities to choose from.

NSF Third Party Audited

These components of the Quality System and many others as well as our entire operation is third party audited yearly by NSF assuring compliance to the very highest food safety standards in our industry. Caine Warehousing consistently scores 95%+ with NSF achieving “Meets/Exceeds Expectations” audit scoring. In addition to NSF auditing, we are inspected and approved by:

Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection as both licensed Public Warehouses and licensed Food Warehouses

FDA regulatory compliance and FFRM registered

USDA Food Defense Systems Survey compliance

Numerous customer QA departments for their own Quality Assurance Standards compliance

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Approved

Caine Warehousing is proud to be a Chicago Mercantile Exchange approved warehouse for regularity in Spot Call Butter, Spot Call Cheese, Spot Call Non Fat Dry Milk and Spot Call Dry Whey trading. Caine Warehousing carries all normal business liability insurance coverages as well as Warehouseman’s Legal Liability Insurance coverage Caine Warehousing is also a member of:

Wisconsin Warehouse Association

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Wisconsin Association for Food Protection

International Warehouse Logistics Association

How we can help your business

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