Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we utilize the Standard Terms and Conditions for Merchandise Warehouses contract to govern the relationship between Caine Warehousing and it’s customers.  This common warehousing industry document can be downloaded here.    

Yes.  We are inspected and licensed by the Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture with both Public and Food Warehouse licenses.  We are also inspected and registered by USDA, FDA, and third party audited by NSF.  Our Food Defense system, training procedures and Quality Management System are geared to food storage procedures and standards.   

We hold a Food Facility Registration with the FDA. 

Our facilities are covered with an Integrated Pest Management system from Wil-Kil

Simply press the “request a quotation” button on the Home page, fill it out and submit and we will contact you to talk about your needs, how we can meet them and the pricing associated with the solution.

We have had the prerequisite programs and foundational rules in place for some time and our staff is trained and ready to satisfy the requirements of FSMA

We hold timed, mock recalls periodically so we are ready in the event of an actual recall.

We do have a HACCP Plan in place that is reviewed annually or as changes in operation warrant.

Caine Warehousing employs a robust Food Defense program which includes limited access to facilities, CCTV networked cameras throughout the facilities, and frequent Police and management patrols of the grounds among other methods.  This plan is reviewed and tested by USDA, NSF, and management regularly.

We carry the types of coverages as should be carried by any reputable food warehousing company at appropriate limits including Commercial General liability with Umbrella, Auto, Workers Comp and Warehouseman’s Legal Liability Insurance.  

We use electric forklifts and non ammonia refrigerants so there is no chance of engine fumes or ammonia contamination of your product

Inventory is tracked with a Warehouse Management System.  Our WMS is tied to RF linked tablets used in the warehouses which allows for labeling and barcoding of inventory, and signature and image capture, all network interfaced so data transfer to and from the WMS is completed efficiently and mistake free.  We are also able to offer seamless EDI interchange with all standard EDI documents

We require carriers to make appointments by phone, not email, at least 24 hours in advance.  Call 920-927-3881 to make an appointment.

Yes, if you are servicing our facility, we do allow overnight parking and offer restroom facilities.

See our Contact Us page for all location information

No, we maintain a Bailee relationship which means while your goods are in our custody, you maintain ownership and control of those goods and you must maintain insurance on the goods.  We are not allowed to sell or pledge your goods.  We agree as custodian, not owner of your goods to handle them with such care as a reasonably careful person would exercise under like circumstances.

How we can help your business

Call or email and you will be in touch with a real person who is experienced and understands our industry and can offer practical, economical, and professional solutions to your warehousing, logistics, and distribution center needs.