Administrative Services

Caine Warehousing strives to make storage in our facilities as seamless as if your product was located in your own buildings, but without the headaches and capital cost associated with operating in-house warehousing, and at a much lower per unit cost.

State Of The Art Warehouse Management

We employ a state of the art Warehouse Management System that allows precise tracking of all inventory which is tied to RF tablets used by each Warehouseman. This technology allows for labeling and barcoding of inventory, signature and image capture and allows data transfer efficiently and mistake free.

Our WMS system is very flexible, allowing us to track and inventory your products by many different means including lot numbers, PO numbers, expiration dates, manufacture date and many others.

Caine Warehousing also offers real time inventory tracking for it’s customers through a secure customer portal located on our website. This feature is available on request and allows inventory visibility in real time presented in a standard and Excel format. A snapshot inventory filtered by various means can also be requested at any time.

Knowledgeable Staff

When you call Caine Warehousing, you will speak with our experienced and knowledgeable office staff, led by Joan Caine and Traci Caine, who will work with you in implementing solutions to your needs.

How we can help your business

Call or email and you will be in touch with a real person who is experienced and understands our industry and can offer practical, economical, and professional solutions to your warehousing, logistics, and distribution center needs.