Ambient & Heated Dry Storage

Caine Warehousing offers 355,200 square feet of company owned, steel constructed buildings for your dry storage/distribution needs. Contact us for lease options.

Professionally Engineered

Tall, high cube design

Room for high stacking of low-density products such as empty cans or bottles.


Allows for extra space and storage options. Our ambient and dry warehouses currently have 5,896 racking positions.

Built right

Our buildings are engineered to food grade standards and are constructed using premium steel frames, roof and siding, high strength re enforced concrete floors and high efficiency, low perm insulation.


Utilizing the latest technology

All buildings are RF networked to allow wireless WMS connectivity and are equipped with networked, closed circuit cameras with infrared capability to enhance productivity, security and food defense.

Professional Pest Control Services

Professional pest control services are utilized to maintain a food safe, pest free facility.


Our warehouse personnel are experienced operators and trained in safe and damage free handling of all types of food and food packaging and we are proud to specialize in the handling of empty cans and bottles as well as IQF toted foods. We are also very well versed in the handling of all types of dairy products including cheese, butter, and powders (bagged or toted), and fully understand the special precautions needed to store dairy products.

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How we can help your business

Call or email and you will be in touch with a real person who is experienced and understands our industry and can offer practical, economical, and professional solutions to your warehousing, logistics, and distribution center needs.