Container Loading

While many of our competitors choose not to offer container service, Caine Warehousing, as a full service warehousing partner has realized the importance of providing export service to its customers

How we prioritize container services

Caine Warehousing has made efficient and economical oceangoing as well as domestic container loading a priority.

We have adapted various machines and created procedures that allow for safe, efficient mechanized slip sheet loading of export containers. We will also unload containers when product is palletized or unitized allowing for mechanical unloading. We can also transfer product onto IPPC heat treated pallets or totes onto firm-a-pallets for export. We have the ability to handle bags, totes, cases or drums and carry a wide array of wall lining and dunnage materials.


We have acquired various machines and attachments that allow us to offer safe, efficient floor loading of containers. But it is the experience of our warehousemen and the pride and care they show in their work that pays off for our customers in the service they receive from Caine Warehousing.

Some of your teammates at caine warehousing

How we can help your business

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