Refrigerated / Freezer Storage

Caine Warehousing offers over 250,000 square feet of refrigerated/freezer space configured into multiple rooms ranging from 5,000 square feet to 43,000 square feet.


Wide Temperature Range

We accommodate zone storage areas from +45 degrees F down to -10 degrees F to meet the wide range of temperature needs of our customers

Capable of handling all types of refrigerated or frozen products

Drums, totes, cases, bags, and 640 blocks as well as high stacked/bulk storage of bulk butter and toted frozen vegetables and fruits

Racking and Free-Standing Storage

Racking allows additional storage space, by providing 3,344 freezer positions and 3,228 cooler positions. Free-standing storage is also an option for product that can't utilize racking space.


Our facilities use all inert, ammonia free refrigerants so there is no possibility of ammonia contamination of your products. We have redundant refrigeration system capabilities in each area for refrigeration reliability and have back up electrical generation on site. Our facilities are also fed by multiple electrical distribution feeder lines with automatic switching which gives us very high utility reliability


Our warehouse personnel are trained and experienced in the damage free handling of all types of refrigerated and frozen food products including high stacking of bulk toted vegetables and fruits. We understand the unique requirements of storage of various food products, especially dairy products such as bulk and finished goods butter and cheese of all types, which we specialize in, and how to handle their storage and handling while preserving freshness and quality for our customers.

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